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What is my role

What is my role

As part of the programme, private sector OBGY specialist/Radiologists/Physician are encouraged to provide voluntary services at government health facilities in their districts on the 9th of every month to supplement the efforts of the government doctors.

Private doctors volunteering for the Abhiyan would be expected to visit designated government health facilities in their districts and provide free ANC checkups to pregnant women once a month (i.e. on the 9th of every month).

In order to mobilize support FOGSI/IMA/Lions/Rotary/Saathi could sensitize all its members at events organized by the them’ send emails/sms’s, popularize the PMSMA through its newsletters, engage a call centre to call and obtain commitment of all its members and recognize and award the efforts of its contributors.

FOGSI/IMA would also make special efforts to mobilize volunteers in high priority districts.

This programme has the potential to detect and follow up of high risk pregnancies, contribute towards reduction of maternal deaths and reduce the Maternal Mortality Ratio of India and IMA/FOGSI leadership and members have a particularly important role in sensitizing and motivating their members to volunteer their services.

We looks forward to FOGSI/IMA/Other professional organization joining hands with Government of India and contribute towards saving lives of mothers and neonates and making India a healthy nation.

At the time of registration, volunteers would be requested to state whether they are associated with any professional association. Professional Associations supporting the programme would receive logins to cross-check the details of the members who have volunteered.