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How can my members volunteer

Ready to Volunteer

There are three steps to be taken by volunteers (members of professional organizations) while joining the campaign. Firstly you register your intent, secondly you decide the facility where you would like to volunteer and lastly you can give your feedback / check your contribution.

Registering your intent to volunteer

You can register your intent to volunteer by any of the following mechanisms:

Toll Free Number

Doctors can call 18001801104 to register


Doctors can SMS ‘PMSMA <space> Name’ to 5616115

PMSMA Portal

Click here to Register

Volunteer Registration

Register using the ‘Volunteer Registration’ Section of the Mobile Application

If you register via the toll free number / sms you would receive a call from our end asking for certain critical information such as your name, mobile number, email, registration number (MCI) / State Council registration number and the name of the State and district where you would be willing to volunteer. A unique id / PMSMA enrolment number would be generated as soon as you register that would help us understand the services that have been provided by you.

Deciding the health facility where you would like to volunteer

Once you have registered, you would receive a call from the District Authorities (before the 9th of every month) and based on your discussions with the district authorities and the availability of facilities for PMSMA campaign you can choose the government facility where you can provide voluntary service on the 9th of the month This process would be repeated before the 9th of every month and you can once again choose the government health facility based on mutual convenience

Provide feedback / Check your Contribution

Once you have provided services, the district authorities would update information on your contributions on this website You can login within a couple of days and check your contribution to the programme.