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What benefits would pregnant women receive

What benefits would pregnant women receive

Pregnant women must contact the ANMs / ASHAs / health workers in their area to receive information about the nearest government health facility where PMSMA services would be provided. When a pregnant woman visits the government health facility (DH, SDH, CHC- FRUs etc) designated to provide PMSMA services, she would be provided the following set of services:

  • Registration : The ANM / Staff nurse would register the pregnant woman coming to the PMSMA Center and provide her a Mother and Child Protection Card and Safe Motherhood booklet.
  • Examination : The Staff Nurse/ANM will take the height and weight of the pregnant woman, check her pulse and BP and record the findings and send the mother to the laboratory for diagnostics.
    • Lab Investigations : Hemoglobin, Urine Albumin and Sugar, Malaria, VDRL, HIV, Blood Grouping, Screening for GDM using OGTT etc.
    • Ultrasonography (USG) : All PMSMA beneficiaries who have registered would receive an examination by an Obstetrician / medical officer with the report of their investigations. Based on the examination and reports of investigations & USG reports, a red sticker / stamp would be added on to the MCP card of women who are found to be ‘high risk’.
  • Injection Tetanus Toxoid, Tablet Iron Folic Acid, Tablet Calcium and any other medication prescribed by the Medical Officer
  • Counselling : All pregnant women would receive group counseling (in groups of 10-12) on diet, sleep, regular ANC check up, institutional delivery, breast feeding, contraceptives etc
  • Transportation facilities would be provided to pregnant women residing in difficult / inaccessible areas where public transport is either not available or very poor, PW from vulnerable communities and in blocks with home deliveries > 20%.

Pregnant women with a red sticker on their MCP card must visit nearby government health facilities on the advice of the Obstetrician / medical officer and plan for delivery in a facility that provides assured emergency obstetric care services (i.e. FRU – SDH, CHC, DH / Medical College Hospital).